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04-02-2013, 07:07 PM
First thing Cryptic have screwed up with Warp Cores: Not putting the impulse engine bonuses from the sets on them.

I.E Reduction in Slipstream cooldown from the Omega, Enhancements to Warp speed from Borg, Maco or Fleet stuff.
Even the power bonuses.

By all rights the Warp Core as an item should be the source of those modifications.

Additionally, those particular bonuses should not be tied to specific sets because its really stupid to screw people over unless they keep 2 different engines in their inventory.
One for actual combat and the other for flying across sector space.

Why exactly does the Omega engines justify a Slipstream bonus while the Omega gets a Warp Speed bonus ?
Then we have the Adapted Maco varient that gets shafted with no sector space speed bonus.

Surely it would be a lot more consistant to have Warp Speed bonuses dictated by the Warp Core and to make those bonuses universal across all of the sets.

The addition of warp cores has allowed Cryptic the golden chance to seperate the existing engines into Power / Sector speed buffing for Warp Cores and Combat Speed / Manuverability for the Impulse engines.
A simple glance quickly reveals that the Warp Core is a glorified stat stick which is going to amplify power creep by giving people MORE power to weapons, engines or auxilery.

The smarter thing to do would have been to remove power bonuses from things like the Assimilated set and put it in a lump sum on the warp core. Throw in the sector speed amplifiers and you have a justified Core that is doing what it supposed to without actually raising combat capability up a notch.

As for making it part of the sets - This is not a good idea
Currently people have to choose a minimum of 2 items to get a set bonus, adding a 4 item set will suddenly allow people to do 2 set combos.
Thus we get a 2 set maco combined with a 2 set omega or Adapted or Honor. Not to mention this suddenly requires a full 4 set combo list addition to almost every set.

The options are really:
A: Make the Warp Core a puny stat stick that gives bonuses to sector warp speed and trivial bonuses
B) Make the Warp Core a central stat stick which has a laundry list of bonuses it gives thus placing greater highlight on the fact this is the very heart of the ship.