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04-02-2013, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
Dude, that actually made me laugh.
I can picture it, someone screaming at their computer screen "Stay still you slippewy wascle"
When in fact you arent even moving.

Originally Posted by the4monkey
seriously enough of the bug being op, there are other ships that can beat the bug, its just as dk-frontiers said, numerous possibilities are reasons why one ship is better and whether support from team gives extra resists. 5 man arena are for 5 man team whether mixed on premade.
Hehe are you talking about support team required to give you resist to face a JHAS. Ur funnay!

Originally Posted by the4monkey
turn-rate is not op! I can make a ship with more turn than bug, temporal destroyer with 51 turn at the moment for example: aux2damp/2 copies.
For a PvP coach, you seem to omit very important facts about the JHAS ship. True, a temporal destroyer can disable the bug, and possibly kill it everytime. Viral matrix and photonic shockwave with the right tactical abilities in the right hands are so deadly it's not even funny lol. But only if you can manage to keep that bug ship in front of you!!! Let's take a very good pilot (not me unfortunately, I'm not there yet) who knows that sci abilities have very narrow but very dangerous arc in the front. So what is that JHAS pilot gonna do? Hm? Move out of there and if he's smart, stay out of there. What if you're fighting other escorts captains? Outmaneuver them and stay in the rear. Only the Jem'hadar attack ship is this fast. Also don't forgot it also has 5 tac consoles + 4 eng + DHC OPness .

Originally Posted by the4monkey
I will say though, I made my freebe patrol escourt dent a bug with blue mark 11 console gear in todays game! it was my driver coils pve toon.
If you're indeed a coach, you should know it's not always about the gear, but the pilot's skill. As long as you can dps faster than the target's heals, or even better disable the ship altogether, you're golden. But nothing in that sentence reveals how good the pilot of that JHAS was.

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