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04-02-2013, 07:31 PM
The new UI layout, colors and template design are horribly done in my opinion. For space, the outline shape of your ship where the hull percentage is displayed, the image appears crooked, jagged, and not centered, the font, lettering and numbers look generic, cheap.

I really do prefer the old UI, a color change would be a nice option for the old UI, for example, getting rid of the Klingon red color when im playing a klingon. The red color makes me feel angry, and almost puts me into a rage mood.

This new UI Template, Color scheme, and general layout just feels cheap, non polished and quickly done with no thought or effort put into it.

I may actually leave the game if it is launched this way. I can understand a new UI would be a welcome change for some people, but im sure they would agree to some extent, this does not appear well thought out and implemented if this is the way its going live..

I hope this design does not make it past tribble.

One other thing..the color of friendly's and other non hostile names are set to a dark green color..very hard to read, feels cheap and sort of puts me into a bad mood. the holodeck blue was fine and would not mind it staying that way.

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