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04-02-2013, 08:16 PM
Engineer traits seem a bit weak.

Grace Under Pressure is very strong. No complaints really, as long as the trait only triggers when Miracle Worker is on cooldown.

The battery trait is strong, but requires the use of expandable items. While the EC cost of normal batteries isn't staggering, it can still add up, plus they only stack to 20, so they create an inventory headache if you're using a lot of them. No one else has a trait based on expendables. This trait would probably be better if it worked off of Emergency Power to X instead of batteries, since those are engineering abilities and don't cost anything but an ability slot. Either that or let engineers buy batteries at a discount and stack them to 100.

The ground traits, I dunno. Turrets, etc are really useful, so any resistance or regen is going to have some use, but the values seem very low. I probably wouldn't take it, even though I make constant use of pets. Better to grab a different ground trait, IMO.

The resistance trait also, would be amazing as a space power (OP, really) shields last 1-2 hits on the ground before you need to get cover, and even with the shield heals and resist powers they don't last very long. Not sure if even the fully stacked resist will matter more than any non engineer ground powers.

Tac powers all seem very strong. Science ground powers seem very strong. I need to test the space powers to see what I think.