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Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
Definitely not intended, though I'm not seeing it occur for me. All class-specific traits stand alone. Grace Under Fire should require you to be at least Captain rank, however, as it (along with Photonic Capacitor and Last Ditch Effort) modify Captain-rank abilities.
I saw several space traits that didn't show up until some other trait had been taken, I think maybe it's just a display issue? I didn't keep track of all of them, but Astrophysicist didn't show up until I took Accurate and Grace Under Fire didn't show up until I had taken some ground trait (don't remember specifically). This was on a transferred level 50 character, so I could probably retransfer him and check again.

Edit: maybe because it's level restricted, only certain slots can actually have the trait? I'll try to check when it becomes available when I try again.

Level 50 Aliengen Engineer
Immediately after transfer:

Current Traits:
Elusive, Warp Theorist, Techie, Efficient Captain

Available Space Traits:
Accurate, Astrophysicist, EPS Manifold Efficiency

Available Ground Traits:
Acute Senses, Aggressive, Cold Blooded, Covert, Creative, Lucky, Mental Discipline, Nanomolecular Architect, Natural Immunities, Peak Health, Physical Strength, Resilient, Shield Harmonic Resonance, Soldier, Stubborn, Sturdy, Sure Footed, Telepathic

Grace Under Fire did not appear as a selectable trait until the 7th slot, regardless of the combination of new traits I tried to take, and disappeared again if I removed one of my newly selected traits. I was unable to replicate the disappearing Astrophysicist trait on this test.

The 6th slot on normal characters (and I assume therefore the 7th slot on an Aliengen due to the extra Optional) is the Captain slot, so it's probably a slot restriction on the trait.

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