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Originally Posted by f9thaceshigh View Post
Neither of the PDS Universal Consoles function fully automatically, they essentially work like Torpedo Spread or Cannon Scatter Volley but in a 360 degree arc. In other words, you click the button and it fires a volley at every target in range.

They don't work like the pre-order bonus Automated Defense Turret Console, which autonomously tracks and engages the closest target with a single plasma pulse bolt every few seconds.

The tool tip is not entirely incorrect though, when activated, it does automatically fire at any target in range. It's just not clear on the duration of this firing.

Do you honestly think Cryptic would give players an ability that automatically fires a steady stream of Torpedo Spreads at all enemy ships until deactivated?
No I don't expect it to work automatically like that. If your read my posts you would see I came to the conclusion it is most likely just a textual error.

True the tooltip may be technically correct, but the fact remains the info on the torpedo point defense system refers to the point defense system, which is a different console entirely. The info is also confusing and indicates that it is suppose to stay turned on and function automatically until the user decides to turn it off, and the console ability from the heavy escort carrier does not function like that, hence a textual error most likely.

I believe the console ability functions as intended, they just need to update the info to be more clear as to "how" it actually functions. I'll repeat what the info says:
Normal ship operations, including standard weapon systems, can continue while the point defense system is active, and the system can be deactivated early if desired.
Example of an actual toggle in game: the saucer separation console from the exploration cruiser retrofit. It stays on with the saucer separated until I either choose to turn it off and have the saucer reattach to the ship, or I get killed in battle.

I'm use to a toggle ability in a game being something like this. Something that stays turned on and functions on its own unless you turn it off or various circumstance force it to turn off, such as another player stripping the ability/buff from you or dieing.

I suppose in a sense it is a toggle but not in the sense I'm use to. When you activate the ability it takes 2 seconds for it to fire and I guess in those 2 seconds you can click the icon again to cancel it. But that doesn't make sense to me. It's more like a half toggle or something.
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