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04-02-2013, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by adjudicatorhawk View Post
AlienGen characters will have four useful traits picked for them at character creation based on whether they are creating Tactical, Engineering, or Science captains. When they respec, they will be able to spec all 9 of their Trait Slots from any of their Trait options - they have higher versatility than all other species still, but the gap between AlienGen and non-AlienGen characters in terms of overall Trait usefulness should now be drastically reduced as compared to before.
So I created a new Aliengen character to see how this would work. I created an Aliengen Engineer and it gave me Stubborn, Lucky, Warp Theorist, and Techie as my 4 optionals, but it also gave me a Regenerative racial trait (passive shield regen on the ground, faster out of combat health healing). You're saying that the optionals and the racial were chosen based on my career choice, and the racial could be removed via respec later? I also created a Liberated Borg Engineer and he got 3 Optionals and 1 Racial at character creation, and I couldn't select a 4th optional from the list despite having an open slot (also, Techie was labeled as Warp Theorist on the free list despite having the correct icon and description).