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Engineer traits are generally weak and forces players to focus their build around batteries when most players don't even use battery consumables in-game.

Grace under pressure- I'm not happy about the fact that miracle worker even though we get a chance to pop it a second time provided that there's a 20% drop to health, essentially does not give us damage resistance or clenses to debuffs. All it does is delay the inevitable! I find that almost everytime i use miracle worker, sure it gives a big decent heals but it only delays my death by 5-10 extra seconds in a fight. It does not provide any damage resistance to shields whatsover. Miracle worker is used as a last resort when your dying with no more buffs to spare to heal yourself but almost always, players will only delay their death by a few more seconds which is why I believe there should be a trait that gives an enourmous shield damage resistence similiarly to go 'down fighting hull damage resistance trait' (makes sense) instead of a second Miracle worker when 20% health is lost.

As for battery trait, its not a very good idea to force players to focus their entire build around batteries when in fact it could mess with their build, rotation, or playstyle. Engineers have always been at a disadvantage compared to science and tactical players in space due to their lack of damage resistance debuffs to do some decent damage, lack of high boosting dps capabilities etc like Attack pattern Alpha. Providing an extra very VERY small amount of power (battery trait) isn't going to help boost engineers damage, or healing capabilities at ALL. A better solution would be to enable engineers to have a trait that gives them 200 power to weapons, shields, engines, aux power for like 5-7 seconds which could enable to give them enough dps to actually be useful. It would be powerful so having a cd of this trait would ensure that there isn't 100% uptime of this powerful would-be trait otherwise it would be OP ofcourse but it gives an engineer a fighting chance to actually do anything in the heat of the moment. So it would be nice for engineers to be able to go above 125 power cap to around 200 for 5-7 seconds which could help them heal if they are dying and miracle worker doesn't provide damage resistance so having extra 200 to shields and auxilarily can go along way too wards helping them even if its for a few seconds.

Did you know that in 3 years the total amount of batteries consumed by the average player amounts to paying 1.2 million energy credits for consumption on a daily basis of these consumables

Im not happy about the fact that tactical players get a 10% accuracy which debuffs others, especially engineers who's dps can't even keep up most of the time...and now to make it worse...engineers will be missing most of the time on top of their weak dps. Cryptic you might was well forcing them into using 1 restraining build instead of a varied builds which players are free to decide and what makes this game so good. You'd essentially be forcing them to only be healing boats, only heals! I know a couple of engineers who can make a pretty decent build for dps in pvp. So if you implement this advantage to tactical players it means that those engineers are going to be at an even further disadvantage then before considering they have no captain skills that provide damage resistance debuffs or damage boosting powers like Attack pattern alpha and go down fighting.

Its time to really start focusing on engineers too because quiet frankly its becoming mind-numbing to keep playing a "Escort Online"
You should consider PVE too, not only PVP.

There, the ability to pop miracle worker again would help against the elite invisible torpedoes.