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04-02-2013, 10:28 PM
Voyager is my second favorite, after TOS.

I liked it because I felt it got back to the basics of Star Trek, with more an emphasis on storytelling, instead of on explaining the current technobabble crisis to the satisfaction of the ten people watching who happen to have PhDs in that particular field. I thought Janeway was an amazing character, though I do agree somewhat on her inconsistency, Chakotay usually called her on it, which it part of what I loved. . . their relationship, and how the show wasn't afraid to show their Captain going off the rails and needing to be reigned back in. While I admit that the disappearance of the Starfleet/Maquis conflict was a little annoying, I liked how the show focused on the characters and their development over the course of the show. I even appreciated the "reset button" episodes, like Year of Hell, for showing exactly how bad things could get and what would happen when they got that way. . . while "resetting" can be annoying, the show would rapidly lose interest if Voyager is literally falling apart. And speaking of which. . . that ship was hardly the most powerful one around. Even against technologically inferior races like the Kazon, Voyager was getting beaten more often than not. I do agree that the ship's condition seemed too stable. . . part of the premise of the show was that Voyager was a short-range ship, never meant to stray too far from Federation territory or go on long missions without resupply. As a budding writer, I actually thought about a plot arc for the show, some three or four episodes, where they pull over at a fairly friendly, fairly advanced civilization for drydock maintenance and repairs. . . that would have been something I'd like to have seen.

But on the whole, I felt the series had some of the strongest writing and characters of any Star Trek show since the original.