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04-02-2013, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by askray View Post
Uh you realize Atari owned Cryptic before PWE and it's why we had a year of barely any updates, and so fourth?

PWE has put A LOT of money and resources into Cryptic Studios, STO in general, to get them to where they are now. You may not like the fact they want money, but so does ANY business and I'm very happy they purchased CS from Atari. It's flourishing because of them!

You can't be put on silence with 1 person being upset. It takes a few more than just 1 person/report.

However, If you feel you were unfairly chat banned, File a ticket. Sure they might not be able to do anything about your 24hr ban, BUT if it really is the same group of people that continually do it after awhile the reports will reflect that and actions will be taken against them (Because as we all know, abusing any system is against the rules too )
Nice nice I have question for comod. Would you ever in your life buy or used 25 yrs old car with 300000km if salesman convince you that everything is ok and that you are perfectly safe for very fast speeds (200km/h) ?
This exactly cryptic with perfect world (PW got money because their are based in Hong Kong it means not much demanding and large number of customers) , in the future everything with this game will be "if you don like don't play" ,game is obsolete from the beginning , concept linear without any choice , without any ideas so on and on and on. After this text I will be again warned my post erased , cause i have idea that this game can be good stable(without billion of bugs) by any means better.
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