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04-03-2013, 12:04 AM
Originally Posted by askray View Post
This would be a clear form of harassment and said users involved would ultimately be in serious trouble. Just fair warning.
yea right ....a guy was silenced for a week ,everyday.He wrote and ticket and the useless support told him "we cant do nothing about that" .In this game to be banned you have to have go on esd as kdf and have fun...s*** that affect your account directly are fine ,but if you kill Ensign Lessa...then you are screwed

Originally Posted by askray View Post
(Because as we all know, abusing any system is against the rules too )
anything that can be abused WILL be abused.That is how humans work and no rule will stop that.Is like "from no on who will use oxygen will go to jail" ....well ,many people will go to jail.

People are not in game to decide what is spam and what is not spam.Ignore should not chat ban people but it does.

To be noted : I am against of any types of ban for anyone doing anything.People should never log in a game and invest in it being under the constant threat of ban for X or Y (some people are trollish...and like to screw others ,thast their game style or way to get fun and I dont mind that aslong they dont have the tools to ban my account for X hours ).When this exploitable system will be fixed no one will abuse it thus no one will have to be "banned " or whatever punnishement for exploits is.

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