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I think it's time I wrote up my sci oddy pug healer; it's time we got some more healboats in the queues! This is a little different from Mav's sci oddy build; it focuses entirely on healing, almost to the detriment of everything else

Here's the link, where you can also see skill point distribution: The important stuff's below.

Captain class: Engineer
Ship: Odyssey Science Cruiser

Bridge Officer Abilities:
TT1, TT2
EPtS1, AtSIF1 / ExS1, ExS2, AtSIF3
HE1, HE2

Shields: MACO
Deflector: Borg
Engines: Borg

Doffs: 2xShield Distribution Officers, 3xDamage Control Engineers (AtSIF variant)
Alternate: 3xShield Distribution Officers, 2x your choice. Nurses can be helpful.

Engineering: 4x Neutronium Mk XI
Science: Field Generator Mk XI, 3xEmitter Array Mk XI
Tactical: Assimilated Module, Photonic Displacer

Power Settings:
25/65/25/85 (Nominal)
46/96/46/115 (With no buffs)
46/115/46/115 (With EPtS1)
56/125/56/125 (With EPtS1 + MACO boost)

Disclaimer: You will not do any damage in this setup. Your only job and the only thing you will be capable of doing is to try and save the puggers that have been blessed with you. If you do manage to score a kill, proclaim it far and wide in OPvP!

WARNING: Incoming wall 'o text!

This build pretty much stems from the observation that, due to the Engineer's built-in self heal abilities, the Engineer is naturally fit for the role of pug healer: sending out a lot of heals while expecting none in return. And that's exactly what this build does: be the (mostly?) invincible bastion of support, propping your team up and giving them a fighting chance in the arena.

Some key features:

1) Double Tactical Team
As a pug healer, you'll need to cover for silly puggers who don't know how to balance their shields. Oftentimes, your teammates have shields, but they can't use them effectively. That's what the double Tactical Team is for; you'll sending them out almost constantly to allies that are being focused to do their shield redistribution for them. This will make your shield heals far more effective, and help keep them alive.

Use TT whenever you or your wards need it; two copies ensures that you'll almost always have one to throw around.

2) AtSIF + HE, not ET
Given that you're going to be throwing TTs around as soon as they're available, you don't have much flexibility to run other team abilities. Hence, ET and ST (covered later) are less attractive, so much so that I've removed ET from my build entirely. Don't worry, you still have plenty of hull heals. At high aux power, your AtSIF3 is almost as powerful as an ET3 while also providing strong resistance for 10s; the damage control doffs can nearly double the total hull heals that AtSIF3 provide, if they proc. HE provides large hull healing over time, while also clearing DoTs and freeing teammates from warp plasma and Theta.

Toss AtSIFs around liberally to patch up holes and boosts resists in preparation for an incoming alpha, or to save an ally from imminent destruction; use the HE's for people who aren't in immediate danger and/or need DoTs cleared.

If you feel like you absolutely need an ET3, then swap the AtSIF1 for an ExS1, and swap the ExS2 for an ET3.

3) 2xEPtS1
You'll be cycling 2xEPtS1 for the strong shield resist bonus and extra power that it gives, as well as to keep your shields topped off when you're not under fire so that you won't need to waste team heals on yourself. Plus, it'll keep your shield power up, boosting the effectiveness of ExS.

Cycle EPtS to always keep it active. Unless you're under focused fire, you won't need another shield heal for yourself.

4) 2xTSS + ExS, but only ST1
Again, your TT cycle makes relying on ST for shield heals unattractive. However, you'll still need to carry ST1 in order to clear SNB debuffs on yourself or your allies. Instead of ST, you'll be cycling TSS as your major source of shield heals, and you have ExS in order to support a teammate under focused fire.

Stagger your EPtS and TSS activations (activate EPtS, 15s later throw a TSS, then 15s later activate the second EPtS, then 15s later use the other TSS). This will allow you to easily switch to an efficient self-heal cycle if you are focused. Use ExS to support allies who are being focused, or to keep shields strong on your secondary heal target.

Other Notes:
With these abilities, you should be able to keep your pug teammates alive under most conditions. Also, you'll be able to use almost all of these abilities on yourself if you do come under fire. Neutronium armor will increase the time you'll survive until you can use your heals on yourself, giving you added peace of mind. (If you're feeling particularly secure in your own survivability, you can swap the armor out for SIF generators.) You won't generally need to activate BFI or use RSF under most circumstances; you can keep those in reserve for emergencies -- or SNBs, as described below.

In addition, note that all of the resist skills have been maxed out. (Even Sensors!) This is so that you'll almost never have to waste a clear on yourself; for the most part, you can just sit still and tank any debuff thrown at you. (Grabbing an all-human bridge crew will be definitely helpful for keeping your subsystems up.) Combined with your massive self-healing ability, you won't need to carry many of the standard escape abilities (PH, AtID, PSW, etc.), allowing you to focus even more on healing yourself and your allies.

Surviving SNBs:
In pugs, you can't rely on heals from others, especially in the critical moments right after you've been SNB'ed. That's why this build is also set up for strong resilience, which will hopefully allow you to survive multiple SNBs without any backup.

First of all, note that the build has two copies of most healing abilities. I've found that this means that, even if you're SNB'ed in the middle of my heal cycle, you'll get at least one copy of EPtS, TSS, and HE that remains on the expected same-copy cooldown. (i.e. you'll have a shield heal in 15s or less, an HE within 30s, and perhaps an AtSIF sooner.) This means that you won't be dead in the water when an SNB hits; you just need to survive until these heals come off of cooldown.

Because you aren't using ST for your primary shield heals, you'll probably have it available when the 1st SNB hits. Hit it as soon as it comes off cooldown to bring your abilities back up to speed. Unfortunately, you likely won't have it available for the 2nd or following SNBs; the stealth abilities will be useful here to escape and wait out the cooldown delays.

Your major challenge will be to survive until your heals become available. This means activating one or more emergency heals to keep yourself going for a few moments. I've set up my build with four "oh crap!" buttons; hopefully you won't need to activate more than one for each SNB, and they'll recharge before you're next SNB'ed.

1. BFI + RSF:
This is your primary go-to button, and the main reason why Engineer is one of the best classes to play the pug healer. BFI will usually instantly refill your shields, and RSF will keep the shields up. Your main challenge will be to distribute your shields fast enough so that no facing goes down.

2. MW + Eng Fleet:
This is your backup button, again courtesy of the Engineer class. Hopefully your enemies have blown most of their attack buffs by the time you have to hit this; this combo will give you a few extra seconds that could allow you to hit more of your heals if you have them.

3. Evasive Maneuvers + Engines Battery + Photonic Displacement:
If you don't feel like you can tank the incoming damage (or if ST is on extended cooldown), use this combo to run away. You can usually escape most tractor beams with EM + Eng battery to run out to 5km, and use Photonic Displacement to hide and wait out the remaining cooldowns on your heals. Remember that APB, FOMM, APD debuff, and Sensor Scan will keep you visible; run far enough away from pursuers so that they lose track of you.

4. Deuterium Surplus/Ramming Speed + Quantum Singularity Manipulation:
If you've hit all your other emergency buttons, this is your final hope. QSM has an incredibly long cooldown, but it'll provide a (almost?) perfect cloak. Make your getaway, and hope that you'll have heals by the time it wears off.

Usually these four emergency buttons help me survive one or two SNBs in a row. With luck, three SNBs are survivable by judicious use of Photonic Displacement; if you're hit with 4 chained SNBs, pop everything and pray that the RNG deems your life worth preserving.

Using your weapons:
Let me repeat this again: you will NOT do any significant damage in this setup. See those turrets? See the rainbow loadout? That should give you an idea of exactly how important DPS is to this build.

Your weapons will be useful primarily for dealing with mine and heavy torpedo spam. Set your weapons to autofire, allow targeting of NPCs, set your HUD options so that your weapons fire without having an enemy targeted, and that should cover most of what you'll be doing. If you're good at micromanaging, you can experiment with manually selecting mines/torpedoes/pets, but it's not anywhere close to a major focus of this build.

Concluding Thoughts:
Hopefully this write-up has detailed the main points of building a pug healboat, as well as some helpful ability combos that will allow you to survive with little to no outside assistance. Remember, this build is focused solely on healing your teammates, with particular focus on supporting pug teams. If you're planning on doing DPS or control, this isn't the build for you; however, if giving pugs a chance at surviving and needlessly prolonging matches while being an (almost) unbreakable tub is your idea of fun, this'll be perfect for you!

tl;dr: This build:
  • Heals? Yes!
  • Survivablity? Definitely!
  • Damage? Control? Blasphemy!
  • Annoying to go up against? Possibly.
  • Satisfying to do right? Incredibly.

I hope people find this build helpful! I look forward to hearing comments/suggestions if people have any!