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Originally Posted by toiva View Post
Wow, plenty new ships in the comparator. You're fast, Patarmarkan.
I want to complete it before I have to add Romulans

Originally Posted by toiva View Post
1) The Fleet Negh'var should also have the "dual cannons stamp".

2) The Fleet Norgh should have Battle cloak, not merely a regular cloak.

3) The Scourge retrofit should only have 9 consoles, since it's not the Fleet version. I'd guess it only has 2 sci console slots, but being not in game, I can't say for sure. (I'll update the wiki when i find out.) EDIT: Yes, the (non fleet) Scourge retrofit has 2 sci console slots. Updated the wiki.

4) I know it's kinda evident since they are in the carrier category, but it'd be nice if you added "1 hangar bay" to the Orion Fligh deck cruisers.

5) I'm afraid the Kar'fi, while the most manoeuvrable (2 hangar bay) carrier, can't mount cannons (Dual, dual heavy). I can test this to be entirely sure. EDIT 2: Ah, no. My bad. The Kar'Fi apparently can equip dual and dual heavy cannons. Please disregard this point.
1) Hallmarked.
2) Indeed.
3) Scrapped a console...
4) Added the evident to the FDCs
5) ignored.

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