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04-03-2013, 02:33 AM
i think you can get more dps with 4 tactical consoles for phaser energy damage. you can drop the torp and go for 3 aux DHCs.
for the hangar i recomand the elite scorpions. the dps from that is amazing and at this point in pve all that matters is to survive and do dps. the surviving is not a big problem with the vesta so you need to focus a lot on dps.
you can drop 1 or 2 Field Generator consoles and put some romulan sience consoles that reduce the threat generation. in this way you will act less as a tank and more as a dps.

ps: another good option is to skill up the particle generators and use GW3, Quantum Field Focus Phaser, and isometric charge. i know the coldown is big on the last two and on the GW is like 50sec, but the dmg is huge and compensates the waiting.
the vesta consoles are the best of the best that you can get from the vesta pack.
the Quantum Field Focus Phaser can put 50k dmg (if you skilled up the particle generators) every 3 minutes. is a great asset in stfs.
the buble can save your butt. in additional even if you can't fire in buble you can still use your science abilities, like healing and GW.
the aoe healing is great for you and for your team as well. for exemple in federation fleet alert instance you can sit near the starbase and heal it if it needs.

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