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04-03-2013, 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by sanjar12345 View Post

I am a LT Comander and I Was wondering, do Paid ships preform bettter inn terms of hull and amount of weapons etc,

I looked at the ship comparision on this webpage

and found that the refit only had an extra console for about ?4 :S
Not really seeing this. The time ship is a better science ship, the bugs are better escorts, and some would argue that the mirror universe enterprise E works the best as a cruiser and these are all purchasable via energy credits right now.

Also, looked at the list twice and it might be that it's 6:35 AM here but I didn't see the mirror universe cruiser on the list or the MUscience ships on the list but I own one of each.

Anyway. It's really dependant on how you setup your ship and right now there seems to be this cookie cutter blend going on because they've limited beams damage the way they have. So I'd really suggest you get a ship that has cannon capability really I would because you won't be disappointed.
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