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04-03-2013, 05:01 AM
Was thinking this just yesterday actually. Like the power console that gives Aux and Shield power from one of the science ships. It was kinda weird to me that I couldn't place it in the slots I usually use for power batteries on my ship.

It would have made a total difference on my Aux built Vesta as a science captain.

Same goes for weapons, I'd love nothing more then to be able to place my aux cannons on my other science ships and can't imagine why not honestly if those were the only cannons to have. people would still have to buy the ship anyways so it wouldn't affect the income from these ships.

Because I find it sad that I can't use my bellerophon because of the gimped beams, it would have been so fun, even if I purchased the fleet version of that ship (intrepid) it's still a chore to try to take down shields as a sci in a sci ship with beams. Sci ships need some serious help and it would restore some of the balance issues we're seeing.
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