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04-03-2013, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
ships with more than 3 eng console slots are not useless anymore, human boffs now dont provide a bigger benefit for escorts than for carriers, stupidly high subsyem repair caused disable builds to not work, high hull repair caused plasma and transphasic builds to not work, it is working now as pretendend. if you are not ok with your escort beeing weak to the things they should be weak, create your own post and whine about how bad you want your escort to be op

and why all romulan ? ill still use the human boffs.
I'm more converned about my cruiser. My escort will always do well, especially with all those new trait and goodies comming with S8.

And btw I wonder how long it will take before you create another moan thread whining about everyone using those OP rom boffs and stacking all their stuff.....

Oh, and, for, the, love, of,Spock, do, not, write, stuff, in, one,long,very long,stupidly long,sentence, that, is, longer, than, a, whole, paragraph