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04-03-2013, 04:38 AM
Who said I'm for OP stuff ? I'm just against blindly nerfing stuff without solving all the underlying issues. If that change hits, crew means even less than before, and only good benefit will be from green blooded pointy eared hobgoblin boffs.

Right now, you could have used leadership boffs for defense, or romulan boffs for offense. I guess we are all pidgeon holed towards the embassy grind stuff.

Having less options is always bad.

Beside, your main whine points are not fixed. Leadership trait is not affected by crew levels, escorts will still profit the most. SIF synergy is also removed, something that will hit cruisers most.

So once again, blind nerf, no other issues solved. You are right, I'm not like you, becaseue it does not make happy.