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04-03-2013, 05:47 AM
s8 will bring some stuff to crew so im pretty much convinced the general crew issue will be fixed

anyway, human boffs are still a viable option, and we are getting new traits on s8, is that including boffs or not ? that's my question

im just waiting for s8, and let me tell you, im happy with the human boff nerf, they are balanced with romulan's now, 6%+5 is still 30%, that plus the officer trait is 40%, pretty high to counter disable builds and quite enough to counter plasma and transphasic builds,
at least it doesn't make some builds useless no more which was my main concern

and even if romulan boffs are the strongest right now, at least klingons can get a chance on getting them
but dont forget that more crits means that the secondary emergency shielding will proc more
it's not the ship or the build, it's the atitude

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