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oh, but they were

at the beginning of those attack runs, we see 3 peregrines firing a volley of cannon fire (just cannon fire mind you; no torpedoes...or at least i don't remember any torpedoes being fired) at a galor and doing serious damage to it
Dominion War era fighters were never shown with anything beyond pulse phaser cannons. But those cannons were absolutely shown inflicting serious damage.

Originally Posted by theodrim
I just watched the episode not long ago; I'd hardly call that serious damage, especially for the fact two of them got destroyed in the exchange.
Peregrines did more damage, and were shown to have a better in combat loss ratio than Miranda-class frigates did.

Originally Posted by the1tigglet
Don't agree with you there but since we are on the subject why in the world are other carriers from the store able to put out all of their ships at once while the rest have to press the button and wait for the timer to press it again to get the full number of ships out, even those science vessels with shield repair bots which are tiny btw have to wait. This is not good imo, if it's a carrier it should take 1 button to put out the max fighters at once. There should be no waiting when we warp into a map.
No carrier in STO can fully deploy in one pulse. All hangars support two separate wings of ships.