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Originally Posted by akpa View Post
the Quantum Field Focus Phaser can put 50k dmg (if you skilled up the particle generators) every 3 minutes. is a great asset in stfs.
that means what? 300 DPS (with just illogical math applied mind you, it will do far less) IF you skilled into particle generators IF you find a target to last long enough, IF you can keep it on target. those are too many ifs for 300 dps IF you ask me. though with the phasers it is still not a bad ide to bring this as one of the consoles, but it is nothing special (and as stated above the timers are just really bad on these things to make things matter)

I would suggest reskilling fully for full energy weapons (I know, torp build on another ship, but even that would put out more dmg with only energy weapons and maybe one torp), and getting a third aux cannon (if you really feel like using them).
keep your weapon power at second max (max is ofc aux), your aux power and heals should be more than enough to keep you and your team alive (and the borg healing proc should keep you alive, especially if you really want those 3 shield consoles, which are pretty much an overkill).

I dont see your boff slots, but I suggest getting torp spread if you want that torp to stay and csv for gravity well attacks.
also get the usual universal consoles as in tachyokinetic converter, assimilated module and zero point quantum chamber.
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