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04-03-2013, 07:24 AM
MEF (the 3 piece KHG) was buffed a while back and is freaking awesome for PvP. As a panic button it can be cloak lite (you need to stop shooting) and is a sizeable source of def bonus. On a non-cloak ship at the start of an arena pug it can keep you from being the only KDF target when your team is picking targets and kicking their drunk weapons officer awake. Also it's AoE and as far as I know adds the def bonus to targetable projectiles, which is dastardly. IMO if you're a Jem HEC, Scourge, etc, and you plan to pug it's the way to go.

The 3 piece MACO bonus doesn't compete. Now the MACO shield itself (high cap and additional res is awesome, plus the power bonus on top of it) is good enough to compete even with the 3 piece KHG bonus, that's how good the shield is, IMO. As far as I can tell the res on the MACO is damage that just evaporates. Always on, can't be sub-nuc'd off, just keep a sliver of shield up.

I also can't quit the KHG cause I love me some hot restart.

And Roach, every KDF at the spawn would have to stop shooting, and IDK if you'd have to be on a team.

PvE go MACO (Adapted KHG) shield. Standard KHG engines for Tholians to reduce headaches. Neither 3 piece is a game changer for PvE IMO.