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04-03-2013, 07:40 AM
Originally Posted by akpa View Post
50k in 12sec is not 300dps! and offcourse i recomand it only if you use GW and iso charge. it is not worthing to fill up the particle generators only for this.
for exemple in ISE is usefull with the tactical cube, the gates. in the cure is usefull too with the last boss, the raptors and cruisers(i don't remember the name). in khitomar again with the cubes and gates. i think is much better then a shield console.

he is skilled full in energy weapons.
with ISO charge its worth it yeah (its atleast a guaranteed 100 dps with a chance of fluking at 1k.
and I was talking 50k in 3 minutes thx to the timer on them, most of these are just less desirable against simple consoles

and I know he is fully skilled to energy weapons, but I did not want him to skill into torps because of a torp build. just making sure
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