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04-03-2013, 07:21 AM
@ superhombre777 - This was a gentle piece showing how two people meet in such a large galaxy: simple yet sweet and in the short time we see Javis I was a fan of him.

@ gulberat - I may be catching up, but this entry moved me because this is the first time I can recall seeing Strannik "let go" so to speak, and reveal another side of his true self. Well done!

@ ambassadormolari - The dialogue was very smooth and I couldn't help but be reminded of both Contact and ST:TMP - how ancient Earth transmissions was received and interpreted by an alien species and using it to communicate with humans coupled with a need to make contact with it's 'creator' to accomplish some task (even if in this case it was not a real task). I enjoyed Sann's quickiness

@ ironphoenix113 - I'm a fan of Vangelis and the name drop had me running to the internet to listen to the song. I grew up watching Cosmos with my dad, so the closing paragraph was beautiful - for lack of a better word.

@ marcusdkane - blam, blam, blam! Three in one that blends into each other and an ending that is clearly a 'to be continued'. Looking forward to how this plays out

@ zidanetribal - I played the Devidian arc: loved and hated every bit of it because it was really Trek to me yet I'm squeemish with terror movies, and that arc had some shocking moments for me. You know, the kind that makes you jump in your chair then feel silly because it's just a game. Good show and thank you for sharing!

I'm still reading two of the longer entries and may make comments on them but with LC 41 up - I may just send a PM to the authors on my thoughts.
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