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04-03-2013, 08:47 AM
Here is the thing. The Zen ship are marginally better, but only by a small margin. They might have slightly boosted stats and the unique console, but they don't make or break a game.

I wouldn't worry about getting a Zen ship until you are at level cap anyways, as you age out of your leveling ships too quickly to be of much practical use. Some of the consoles might be useful later on, such as the Emission-Seeking Torpedo on the Consitution class Refit but the ship itself is just... kinda cooler than normal.

Even then, keep in mind that you can completely be competitive in your RA level ship in endgame content. Also that if you want any of these ships, you can buy the lockbox ships off the exchange for (several hundred million) EC. And the Zen you can get for free by grinding out dilithium and trading it for Zen on the Dil exchange. So do not feel pressured into buying an ship, and don't feel pressured into cracking open your wallet.