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04-03-2013, 08:03 AM
That, and the whole Xindi arc was a waste of a season. Anyone who knows their Star Trek history knows that the two important events informed the early Federation: The Klingon War and the Romulan War. When you have two perfectly good historical wars to play around with, why would you introduce a new species no one's ever heard of before and proceed to spend a whole year on a war with them? Especially since DS9 just got done with, what, three or four seasons worth of Dominion War? Trek fans are a little war weary, and deciding to throw in a war that doesn't have any basis in the already-established history was just dumb.

It's exactly why the phrase "temporal cold war" bothered me so much. It meant that I wasn't watching a show about humanity taking their first steps into the galactic community. . . I was watching a show about some morons from the future screwing around with humanity's first steps into the galactic community, and that just wasn't a show I was very interested in watching.