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Suggestion 15

Random terrain. Now, I know that maps made with the Genesis system can have their faults (buildings floating over big holes in the ground, enemies dropping through the floor, buried objectives, and so on); however, something like a simple survey mission wouldn't necessarily need any of that stuff. If we accept that the ability to 'boldly go where no one has gone before' is one of the goals of exploration, then having places that are literally brand new furthers that goal.

Sure, someone might get stuck down a hole, but that's just one of the perils of exploring; at least they can beam themselves out of it (maybe include a 'site to site transport to beam in point' option, just in case).

If there are no physical objectives, then those objectives can't be made unreachable. Just wandering around the map taking sensor readings, to see what turns up, would be a fairly safe activity (to clarify: click the scan button at any random point, and a list of nearby stuff is presented; anything that might be of value or interest is simply present in the scan results of a given area, rather than being an actual game object).

There could be wild critters serving as enemies on some of these maps to mix things up a little (just random: are there critters? yes/no, if 'yes' are they hostile? yes/no); but since they wouldn't be objectives, it wouldn't really matter if any of them got stuck somewhere.


To clarify: this would just be one thing among many, rather like the 'Aid the Planet' missions; I'm not suggesting that all exploration should be like this.
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