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# 1 Constant Crashes.
04-03-2013, 08:34 AM
So since the patch last week I have been having issues with crashes whilst doing various things, could be anything from doing an STF to changing zones...

Anyway, I checked the game files in steam and it said some could not be verified so I downloaded them, reinstalled/fixed whatever....

Now when I start the game it get's to the character selection, I select the character and then the loading screen appears.

As soon as it pops up in the top left saying "Patching" it crashes.

It now does this every single time. I obviously don't have any of the parts after fixing the game but also cannot get anything as it crashes on patching...

I don't think it's a launcher issue which I have seen many people having issues with.

Anything I can do about this ? I got the rest of the week off work so will be pretty bored without this to play