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04-03-2013, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by valiant797 View Post
Two things I noticed playing in the UI

1: Buttons on the Fed interface don't have rounded corners. Specifically, selected buttons in menus. They look out of place with all the other rounded corners. (its not a big deal on the Klingon interface, since that's all sharp corners)

2: When using the TNG color scheme, interact buttons become difficult to read if they are selected, but not hovered over.

For clarity, I've attached a screenshot.

(edit: upon playing a little further, that interact color sucks. It's too bright. Especially in sector space, as that's what the planets I'm zooming past have their little info pop-up show as. All the other schemes have a relatively dark color, but this one is bright silver. I want to love the TNG scheme, but that's a no-go for me.)
There's a similar issue with the Voyager UI style. Outside of ESD for example, the beam down to Starfleet Academy and Warp Out buttons need to have their background color changed to the blue within the theme. Personally, I would like the ability to create my own UI theme. Is this possible using something similar to the tailor to create UI themes that can be added to the drop down?

Edit: There's a similar issue with the same Voyager UI but in sector space. Although the button to enter the system fades to something readable, it starts off almost unreadable.

Edit 2: Yet again but on the ground with the Voyager UI. Yes, it does eventually fade but it's almost unreadable before it does.

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