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04-03-2013, 09:09 AM
Currently on tribble the sci can cast medical vanguard on themself from any heal including hypos. Whether it will stay that way, who knows. At the moment medical vanguard stays active for the full duration of NHM so, obviously a work in progress. The effect does not stack however, the 4 sec timer gets reset from each heal used. As much as I hate the thought of sci's getting even tankier, the effect from it was noticable in testing but not game breakingly OP, tho that was just a very quick test of the ability. Now where's my engie health heal/Dot cure ability. May as well give engie some innate health heal ability as long as scis will be able to heal shields too.

And meh to the covert buff. I guess Operative tacs didn't have enough flank dmg...

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