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Hey there Starfleet Officers... there is quite a variety of RP activity and opportunity within the Lotus Fleet.

The stories are creative and true to Star Trek lore and cannon, yet often expand on ideas, events, characters, technology, etc...

If you always wanted to be an active Starfleet Officer aboard a Starship serving in a specific department... well then look no further.

The crew of the USS Phoenix is already aboard and preparing for the opening ceremony and subsequent launch of this newest federation starship.

The USS Horizon, the flagship of the fleet, is beginning its RP story tomorrow.

There are available positions on each ship for those that like to be involved in Star Trek RP.

Looking for Events to participate in? Well... in Sorripto's capable hands there are Events to participate in throughout a given week. You can check out our weekly thread of upcoming events and also check out the monthly calendar as well. There is even a thread available for you to put in a request for an Event or to even host an Event yourself or with a teammate.

We have members in STO virtually everyday. STO players looking for a Fleet are encouraged to look around our active website... sign in... post a message in the Shoutbox... then watch and see all of the members that will appear to greet you. This is probably one of the most organized yet fun fleets that you will find, but we really want to add more active STO players to our fleet! Do you like to lead Missions and STFs? Then come and join in. We would love to add you to our team!

Our Starbase and Embassy are well underway and progressing daily & weekly.

We are NOT a massive fleet filled with anonymous members. Instead, we all interact with each other in-game, through the website, and through RP. We use Skype for messages and actual conversations, and TeamSpeak 3 for official and unofficial meetings, in addition to PMs and email.

In other words, we are known individuals among the fleet and with each other. The more you participate then the better you will be known and appreciated... just like in the real world.

Check it out for yourself:

RAdm Jeff T
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