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# 2 One unexpected encounter....
04-03-2013, 10:26 AM
It was on Stardate 9346658.9 and the I.G.V. Bloodfire was patroling the Minos Korvat system.
I was relaxing in my ready room when commander Scratch came in and said "Captain This is a priority One subspace communication from Deep Space 209, a station deep into Undine Territory. "Let's hear it" I said. "To any ships in range this is commander T'Vara of Deep Space 209! We are under attack from an alien race! You must help us! We are trying to construct a brand new type of weapon to fight the Borg! It is a high yield device which can destroy a sun or even an entire system in a matter of milliseconds! You must help us defend it from the invaders if the device, with the name "Kit-Kat", falls at the wrong hands it would be devastating! Please you have to help us!!"
I said to the helmsman "Mr Sulu plot a course for Deep Space 209! Maximum Warp!"
"Course layed in"
After approximattely 50 minutes we arrived at Deep Space 209. We were stunned from what has happened to the ships protecting the station!
"Sir I am reading debris from 4 Federation ships"
"Can you identify them?" I asked in agony.
"It is the U.S.S. Gabrielle, the U.S.S. Lakota II, the U.S.S. Golf and the U.S.S. Nippon"
"This can't be happening! I knew all of those crewmen!"
"And yet captain", said Sulu, "the station seems intact"
"That's weird, We should beam over and investigate"
" Commander Aspre, Mr. Remus, Ensign Obisek and Commander Scratch you come with me, Mr. Sulu you have the Bridge"
We went to the Transporter room, stepped on the pad and beamed over
The first moment we stepped in the station I had all the Away team raise their weapons and be ready for combat.
Obisek said "Sir i am not detecting any lifesigns but it seems to be some sort of a low scale duonetic field that is blocking my tricorder from getting a clear reading so we should proceed with caution.?
As we were exploring the station Aspre said ?Sir I have detected the Duonetic field generator and I can remotely turn it off.?
?Do so Commander? I replied.
?Now Obisek can you get a clear reading??
?Yes sir. I am reading 12 starfleet lifesigns but they are surrounded by?? Oh God this is not good?
?What is it??
? I am reading lifesigns that match the pattern of a species which we thought was exctinct for more than 200.000 years?
?Who are they??
?Iconians, Sir?
We were stunned as we listened to it, but immediately started setting a plan on how to liberate the station from the Iconians and prevent them from stealing the ?Kit-Kat? device.
We were going to reclaim the blueprints of the device and if possible the device itself or destroy it. Then we were heading to the command room of the station and try to liberate the captain of the station and if possible the rest of the staff.
We downloaded the blueprints from a nearby computer terminal and then we erased them from the system of the station. Then we found out where this device was hidden and started heading that way. But, as we were en route to the place Obisek which was a Reman told me
?Captain I have a bad feeling about this?.
As we were about to enter the room I had Obisek give us some Melorazine in case we were attacked from psionic attacks. We entered the room and we could see the device. It was protected by a triple force field. One huge about 2 meters tall creature was trying to bypass the security protocols but it could not. It was a creature made of dark red matter unike anything I saw before. ?weapons at the ready? I ordered.? On my mark we take it down!?
?3?.2?1? Kill it!!!?. We fired at it using everything we had and eventually killed it. When it dropped to the ground I received a message through my combadge . It was the I.G.V. Bloodfire. They had detected a ship leaving orbit and then creating a wormhole and disappeared. But also they dropped a red matter bomb which had created a black hole and was going to obliterate the station along with its surrounding space. I knew we had to work quickly. I tagged the ?Kit-Kat? device and beamed to the ship then we headed towards the command room. We blasted our way through the sealed door and found Commander T?Vara hidden in a corner along with those 12 crewmen and 4 scientists. We tagged them and said to Commander T?Vara
?We will beam you up we do not have much time left?
?Did you get the device???
?Where is it??
?Aboard my ship?
I tapped my combadge and told them to beam up the 16 people and my away team. I would remain behind to completely erase the computer banks. As my away team beamed up with the scientists, I hacked the computer banks and erased its memory. I had only one thing to do . Get the tricorder in which the blueprints of the ?Kit-Kat? were downloaded. The expanding black hole begun to drag the station towards it. Parts began to fall off the roof. I grabbed the tricorder, tapped my combadge and said ?Beam me up now!!!?
I was beamed back to the ship and headed straight for the bridge. A course to Deep Space K-7 was plotted and we warped out of the system at maximum warp. Seconds later the blackhole consumed the station but it was torn apart by internal explosions. The Iconian body was lost along with the station. We arrived at Deep Space K-7, where we let off the scientists and commander T?Vara and headed out to fight another day. Then I hosted a big celebration at the crew deck of the Bloodfire where we were visited by Admiral Janeway ?Good work captain!? she said. I was happy to have survived this experience and that I have been brought closer to my crew which i now consider to be my family.

Hope you like my story and please dont judge me harshly
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