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04-03-2013, 10:51 AM
For a few reasons.
  • Even with superior damage potential, and "adequate" tanking, an escort's still flimsier than a cruiser.
  • This is Star Trek, not Star Wars. I want to use the Enterprise, not a fighter.
  • My reflexes aren't the best (see previous point).
  • I prefer the cruiser playstyle.
  • I already play an engineer on another toon - playing an engineer in a cruiser and a tac in a cruiser are different experiences for me.
  • Unless you play exclusively with hyper-optimized players (many of whom often berate anyone who does not follow their plans for the One True Build - not all or even most of them, but enough to grate on nerves), you're probably going to do alright in a cruiser with a tac.
  • I like having diversity in my options for both offense and defense.

As such, while I have purchased and occasionally use escorts, my tac is going to be remaining in his fleet assault cruiser for the foreseeable future.

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