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04-03-2013, 10:51 AM
The big advantage of Zen ships is that free ships are very straightforward in their BOFF layouts, while the Zen ships let you do some more-exotic officer layouts like an escort throwing out warp plasma (Armitage) or a cruiser with attack pattern omega (Regent, Excelsior). Add to that the extra console, which usually are pretty gimmicky and at admiral levels are limited to particular ships anyways. With only a few exceptions though (the 3-pack ships mostly), Zen ships have the same 9 consoles, 12 boff slots, and hull/shields/weapons as their free counterparts. As such a freebie Patrol Escort is just as dangerous (in some cases more, in others less) as a $25 MVAE.

You buy a Zen ship because it does something cool or because you want something different, not because its 'better.'