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04-03-2013, 12:03 PM
1) Sorry to bother you again with the Scourge retrofits, unfortunately, you "scrapped a console" on the wrong Scourge. Now the Fleet version shows 9 console slots while the non-fleet retrofit still has the 10 slots.

2) Just found out that the B'rel retrofit was incorrectly stating to have 21 000 hull on the wiki. I've updated it with the after-season 6 value of 22 500. Please do the same in the comparator.

3) And there was apparently a typo on the wiki for Qin heavy raptor's hull points: it's correctly 33 000, same as the mirror Qin, not the 33 300 you've also put in the comparator.

4) Not sure if its merely a problem on my side, but the "Corsair_Flight-Deck_Cruiser.jpg" keeps showing me the retrofit variant, meaning the retrofit is now in there twice while the C-Store Tier 4 Corsair is currently missing.

5) On FED side, you forgot to add the Support cruiser and the Support cruiser retrofit, AKA Ambassadors, only the Fleet one from starfish's chart is in the comparator right now.

EDIT: 6) Just a smallish mistake on the Fleet Kamarag, it should have 3 device slots, like all Kamarags (and I think battlecruisers in general).

Sorry for not catching 2) and 3) sooner.

Btw, great you added the "Dual cannons" stamp on FED ships as well.
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