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@ gulberat - I may be catching up, but this entry moved me because this is the first time I can recall seeing Strannik "let go" so to speak, and reveal another side of his true self. Well done!
Thanks. And yeah, that's the first time I've shown him completely unwinding. Needless to say he has to be very careful how and where he does that.

His true self is definitely a complicated question. Though very alien in a lot of ways, his human cultural identity is also very real, too.

That's an interesting perspective, not one I would have considered, but certainly something I will bear in mind for future entries I think in this instance, it was simply a matter of cross-cultural differences, rather than deliberate withholding of information by the Adigeon doctor. The only information truly withheld, was MacLeod's omission to disclose the twin's genetic sequence containing the Lazarus gene, but that is simply medical policy rather than a personal failing on his part: 24th Century medicine can recognize a genetic marker in individuals who become immortal, and quantify the processes of the Quickening, but it does not understand it enough to tell if it is dormant or active until the actual event, so no one gets told, for fear of mass suicides if people were told, and the gene was to not activate, as happened with Alix.
One thing I'm wondering...what about Marcus' mother having the Lazarus gene? Did she, and the shark damage was so serious that it couldn't activate? Or did it come from Marcus' dad instead?
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