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Miranda: Ra'kholh, Avenger in Rihannsu.

Constitution: Rea's Helm. The name of one of the first Rihannsu ships to leave Vulcan, named after a mythological wizard named Rea. In one of the stories, he was said to have been captured and forced to create a helmet that would make whoever wore it proof against injury, so he bound a demon into the helmet that would bite the head off anyone who wore it. A corpse cannot suffer further injury.

Excelsior: S'harien. S'harien was the finest Vulcan swordsmith who ever lived, and his swords have are of near mythical quality. S'harien means "Pierceblood."

Intrepid (when I get it): Bloodwing. The name of Commander Ael's ship, a bloodwing is a large, ugly carnivorous bird from ch'Rihan, and they can be confined by simply building a small fence around them, since they require a large runway to get off the ground. But once in the air, they are unmatched for speed and power.