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One thing I'm wondering...what about Marcus' mother having the Lazarus gene? Did she, and the shark damage was so serious that it couldn't activate? Or did it come from Marcus' dad instead?
They both would have been carrying part of the code which would then combine in their offspring, to create the full gene, but not have any benefit from it themselves... That said, given the limits of an immortal's regenerative ability, being mauled by a shark would leave them at best, missing limbs, and at worst, so badly maimed as to be better off dead... While the Quickening works extremely quickly, it is actually quite limited... Jack Harkness, on the other hand, would be able to regenerate from such injuries. One theory I have read, is that rather than healing, his body is re-set by Time itself, which is why his abilities only seem to work with traumatic injuries, rather than minor wounds... Highlander immortals seem to be the other way round, in that they can't heal massive trauma, but constantly heals minor wounds If Jack is a 10 in the Immortality Scale, Marcus would have been a 7-8, and S'rR's is only a 4, because she can only heal injuries, but still ages as per normal..

PS Request permission to reference Alyosha in my next LC?

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