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I am not entirely happy at what has happened here. Patarmarkan, I agreed to allow you to use my original chart as I was under the impression you would be creating a program which allowed the comparison of existing charts, initially mine and Spidermitches.
I understand I may not be welcome to intrude in this, but from the beginning, Patarmarkan's been mentioning using your "graphics" ( and use it on all ships.

Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
Spidermitch has also given you permission to use his own charts, but instead of using his chartss you have just recreated the other ships yourself using my design, and are not using his charts at all now. Furthermore, you are continuing to use Spidermitches stickied thread for seemingly no good reason.
I see a couple reasons for that: Several people have used this thread to at least talk about possibly somehow continuing Spidermitch's work. Patarmarkan is in my opinion the closest to Spidermitch's charts right now in that he's trying to "collect" all ships there are. Also, I guess people continuing to respond to Patarmarkan in this thread made it all natural to keep to this thread.

Of course, I see no reason for Patarmarkan to not start his own thread about the comparator. But that's his decision. As is probably Spidermitch's decision to ask that the comparator discussion be moved elsewhere.

Originally Posted by starfish1701 View Post
To add insult to injury you have credited him on the frontpage of your comparator, yet consigned a credit to myself (whose chart and layout you actually have used) behind another link!
The credits are all behind the link. What you consider a credit to Spidermitch is merely a link to the previous closest "incarnation" of the ship comparator.
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