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the problem with that statement is that there's no such thing as "Tanking" in STO. I just seems to be seeing ALOT of tacs in things other then escorts. I may be totally off base I'm just having trouble understanding why a tac would squander Damage potential. I mean you play a tac officer to do damage. I'm a firm believer that if you'd like to fly cruisers you should be an engineer. I just use to running with people that expect NOTHING less then the ABSOLUTE best and putting a tac officer in a cruiser just seems silly to me.
Find a mirror. Look at the surface. Notice yourself.

Answer a question - why are our Captains stratified between "Tactical", "Science", and "Engineering" when there is no evidence within the fiction to suggest that such divergence exists, let alone in the manner and to the extent it does in this game?