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Originally Posted by azurerail1 View Post
AS many have said to me here, its meant to be a 2D game, But remember that in all modern games, our GPU's and CPU's Work to Create a 3D world and then work on putting that 3D world back on a 2D Screen, So regardless of wether its Said that its a 2D Game or 3D, The Term is Relitive is valid to all Video games,PC , XBOX , PLaystation. Correcting any Game to perform in Stereoscopic 3D is Possible and it has been Done on many Games that never Nativley Supported Stereoscopic 3D
This is not true. To support 3D, every other frame must be created from a different perspective to sync with the glasses. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there are 3D models involved in the game.
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