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# 7 I Used My Visa Card
04-03-2013, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by sasheria View Post
It is a protected system more than likely your CC might be holding it up. When I did it via skrill, it is from the U.K. (and I'm in the U.S.) so my transaction was under review until I call them and said it was ok (after verifying it was me)

If it is via paypal, make sure the CC is secure with them or it may take a bit longer (especially if it is a new card)
i used the visa and the visa shows the money being removed so tell me again its someone elses fault its exactly as usual only the people here are doing this for some reason?
no really its your game if you dont want me to play say so give me back my cash and ill go elsewhere to a place that has not these issues.

This is a joke...