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04-03-2013, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by chronoss2012 View Post

card shows the transfer its this place taking it and not giving me the zen....

ive got the receipt right here....if they don't want to do busienss refund the money i promise ill never buy anything again and ill quit like they seem to want.
gee again issue after issue.

i tell ya this is one great game ya got ....typing is so fun to play
Yea... A transfer from your account has been made, but it's stored in a buffer somewhere untill the fishyness has been either confirmed or denied.

Think of it like this:

if($fishyTransaction == "Yes") {
} else {

(Disclaimer: Previous if-statment is entirely fictional, and may not represent actual fishyness evaluator)

It's actually pretty common practice.
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