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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I personally am happy that we get to play as D'tan's Romulans.
A lot of my friends would prefer to be able to play a "good" romulan, instead of a Tal'shiar villain.
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
Why exactly must the choice be "D'Tan hippy" or "Tal'Shiar villain"?
How about a normal member of the Star Empire, who believes in the supremacy of the Romulan people above all others, and wants to work to restore it and not mortgage their future to their sworn enemies?
Have to agree with lizwei here. I want to play as part of the RSE, which DOES exist in STO, and is separate from the Tal'Shiar.

Not to mention the fact that there are people that enjoy playing the bad guys. They may not be tpalelena's friends, but they do exist. And I would argue that a true Romulan would see both the Tal Shiar working with the Iconians and D'Tan's Fed-Lite Republic "allying" with the Feds and KDF as two sides of the same coin - a deal with the devil that costs the Romulan people their independent soul.
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