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# 10 How i pay
04-03-2013, 01:26 PM
goto scotia bank with draw money go put said money onto my prepaid visa card
then pay as i have done what 20 times before without incident.

IT shows 8 dollars left after this transaction .....
SO YOU TOOK MY MONEY i don't want ot hear excuses either refund IT or credit me.
good thing i didn't drop a 100 and this will teach me never to put money into the game, if legit people whom have never had any issues with there card are getting hassled....

so they decide to pull this crap after all the bugs and issue si had last week fishy indeed. sounds like a cop out ot me...either give my money back and ill go elsewhere and use a NON skrill system or give me the zen and lets get hunting and on with life.

its simple and iave all my legal receipts ...i'm disabled wiht bad back and home all time ....i dont drink or do drugs so i have more money to spare then most ...i wanted ot enjoy this game , and give some cash to it so the free to play can stay that way....i no longer feel that way...i feel abused ....cheated and ripped off and i might a played a few hours compared to beforei put money into the game....

in fact until i put money into the game i never had problems. SO its tell me and others not to give you any money cause you cant do the people that give it to you right.

no really whats the number of this European company whats the number of this chinese company ill call them.....

and i was going ot look into a subscription what that was about but now...with the bugs and issues im having got to be kidding me ....someone mentioned star wars online maybe ill try it and see how that works....

go on look at payment history did any funds not go thorugh? did any money not work out?
like um HELLO....someone screwed up says right on payment page this is for paypal i used a visa.

again try and tell me how my money hasnt be taken i dont have it.....
more proof someone is defrauding me: EMAIL CONFIRMATION THEY TOOK MY MONEY

You have successfully made a payment to Perfect World Entertainment Inc. using your credit/debit card (VISA, 4xxxxxxxxxxx9163) on 03 Apr 2013.

The amount of USD 50.00 has successfully been debited from your credit/debit card.

This charge will appear on your card statement as a debit by: MB*Perfect World

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