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04-03-2013, 01:30 PM

You have successfully made a payment to Perfect World Entertainment Inc. using your credit/debit card (VISA, 4xxxxxxxxxxx9163) on 03 Apr 2013.

The amount of USD 50.00 has successfully been debited from your credit/debit card.

This charge will appear on your card statement as a debit by: MB*Perfect World
seriously something is screwed get to fixing it before you get a trove a lil plebs that go WAAA like i am....
and they got there money why am i being a "swear at me now person-remember adults don't swear do they"
Im simply asking/inquiring why they have my money and i don't have my zen ....

Do you goto a grocery store pay for the groceries get told sorry you can't have the food you have to wait till we review the money you gave us LOL and come back next week , next month ...just go away and get ripped off?
Do you buy things this way NO YOU PAY and get item/service if said is not happening then there is a problem.
If this happens enough visa might not allow you to use visa cards here same with mastercard....

I've not done anything that anyone else would not and considering how quickly and nicely things worked in past i am also wanting to know what is in need of "review" ,card doesn't expire for years you have got your money in past no issues. YOU Have the cash according to its not anything to do with visa system now have been paid.

SO the question is where is the zen? Pretty simple ain't it. you got paid....the payment system doesnt say we reserve the right to keep your money and not give you your zen....what review skrill gave you the money...

i have email proof.

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