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Originally Posted by projectfrontier View Post
...when there is no evidence within the fiction to suggest that such divergence exists, let alone in the manner and to the extent it does in this game?
That depends what you accept as "evidence", here. Sisko was an engineer before he was put on command track, and Janeway was a science officer prior. Archer, while being a test pilot, also had an engineering background. Kirk has the quintessential tactical officer background, and I suppose you could say the same of Picard considering he was a conn officer before being brevetted to Captain aboard the Stargazer. I always understood the class distinction as what academic background your character had prior to becoming an acting captain, that informs each character's command style and approach.

As for me, I play a science officer in an advanced escort. Why? Because I freaking feel like it. I play the game for fun, not to obsess over logs and parses and min-max stats to the teeth as if the game were a second job. If I wanted to do that, I'd go back to school to be a seasonal accountant and actually get paid for it.