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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Sounds like you have the problem settled then - except for the fact that you'll never be allowed to purchase Zen again.
why? no really why ? what did i do to deserve being discriminated against.

Star trek is against that sorta thing right?

Did they ever not get a payment that was meant to get to them?

Hrmm sounds like soon as ya get a few bugs and make a lil noise they get all over you to try and push you out of the 500 dollar victim..... and ive heard stories a people waiting a month for this mystery zen.

And with these issues would you want to pay them any coin ? i had my bugs resolved and htought ok lets show em im decent sort went bought a dreadnaught and other goodies and today i was gonna load up on refined dil for my fleet i am you aren't just screwing me on this its a whole bunch a people. NICE people...
24 hrs ok i can see paper work issues on perfect world part but I KNOW YOU BEEN PAID....
after that i want my money back with proper exchange rate and hten ill go zero that card for a while ot make sur eno one gets sily ideas ...its why i use it so i dont get ripped off....

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