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Pretty much exactly this, yes. Rose brought him back to life while temporarily possessing the entire power of the TARDIS' Time Vortex. Unfortunately, she didn't have the experience needed to use the power wisely - so she effectively froze his body at the moment just before the Daleks killed him. He can't grow his hair, he can't grow a beard, and he can't sustain any serious injury - much less die. I'm postulating that this is how he remained sane after being buried for centuries by Gray - his brain can't be traumatized any more.
Actually, in Torchwood: Miracle Day, there was a photo of Jack which had been taken in the 60s-70s, where he had grown a moustache Also, he had previously mentioned to the Doctor that he had found the odd grey hair (either suggesting that he was aging imperceptibly, or just a poorly written line to get in the Face of Boe joke...) My theory for his 'mental survival' when buried, was that he would have almost immediately suffocated, but as he would have then resurrected and choked down a load of dirt which would then remain, I'm wondering if he was actually dead (or to use the time analogy, 'paused') until he got dug up by the other Torchwood operatives... The fact he was able to regenerate from just a skull fragment, shoulder and arm in Torchwood: Children of Earth was nothing short of incredible, and way beyond the capability of a Highlander immortal...