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So here's another few ideas to improve DOFFing etc.

(1) I propose splitting the Exchange into two sections by removing BOFFs and DOFFs from the regular Exchange and instead creating a new "Personnel Exchange" and "Item Exchange."
Logic: there are already separate inventories for DOFFs, BOFFs, and items. It's natural to carry this distinction forward to the Exchange as well. This would allow better filters that are specific to personnel, as I've requested in another post.

(2) I propose adding a new sort of "DOFF Bank" that would be called the "Academy Roster." See, currently, people get around the DOFF inventory limit of 400 (or whatever theirs is) by mailing DOFFs to themselves. Some people have literally thousands of DOFFs in the mail system and frankly, it's ridiculous.

I propose a better solution: the Academy Roster. It would be unlimited (or maybe have a limit in the tens of thousands). You could access it from any Bank terminal. It would be account-wide. It would be filterable just like the regular DOFF view. DOFFs in it could be directly donated to Fleet Projects, Reputation Projects, or have a price put on their head so they'd show up in the new Personnel Exchange. Newly opened DOFF packs could be optionally opened into this instead of into the active roster.

End the madness! I would buy a lot more DOFF packs if it weren't for the current bottlenecks.

The bottlenecks: it takes literally hours of wasted time spent DOFF-sifting to deal with opening packs. Your shipboard roster quickly fills up even if you buy the expensive Zen slots. You fill up again after just a few more packs, and then you're back to square one, except even worse because you now have even more useless DOFFs clogging up your roster that you have to spend time tediously clearing out before you can open more packs.

The current system's other bottleneck is when you must clear out useless DOFFS by individually pricing them on the exchange, a hit-or-miss process that is frustrating due to the lack of filters in DOFF searches that therefore involves either lots of tedious combing through for trait prices or possibly over- or under-pricing them.

The final bottleneck is having to mail them to yourself one by one, writing descriptive titles so you can find them again, etc. I didn't sign up for STO to do this crap! I want to run the missions and play through the content.

Alternate solutions:

(A) If you could at least up-grind DOFFs without a dilithium cost, that would help immensely. Maybe include a free up-grind token or two with each DOFF pack sold? Clearly the dilithium cost was put on up-grinding to limit farming, not create bottlenecks for paying customers who buy packs.

(B) If you could donate greens to fleet projects and have them count as 5 whites, that would also help to clear up the clutter a lot!

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